About Michael

Like so many horse people Michael found his love of horses at a young age.  Serious study into the art of horsemanship began way back in 1992 when he purchased a “project horse” for the whopping sum of $200.00. He has been loping along learning, improving and eventually helping others with their horses ever since.

In 2011 he founded a horsemanship study group which focused on the principles found in classical and natural horsemanship. The study group gained national recognition and was even featured on RFD-TV. Michael helped more that twenty other study groups form up based on his Charter, Mission/Vision Statements and organizational template.  When Michael recognized that many horses, who through no fault of their own, were in need of a “second chance” due to neglect, abandonment or abuse, he began to implement a program of training to help these horses to find their footing again and become valued equine partners, who could go on to do wonderful things with their human partners. This lead to the creation of Lucky Star Horsemanship.  Along the trail Michael encountered many horse owners who just needed help to improve their partnership with their horses in order to achieve their goals. He tapped into his almost thirty years of experience training humans and began to develop cost effective workshops, lessons and unique “learning opportunities” that empowered the human to be a stronger, more positive leader in their partnership with their horses. Understanding that each human/horse partnership is unique, Michael’s approach is one of patience, empathy, fairness and clear communication that helps to build confidence, control and a strong foundation.

Having been blessed to have mentors such as Susan Wirgler, Denise Vietz, Scott and Grace Purdum, Chris Webb, Shauna Brantley-Tarazon and others along his journey, Michael has been able to develop a user-friendly approach to horsemanship that has been successful in helping others achieve their goals as well as achieving success in the show pen, Cowboy Challenges, Trail Trials, Sorting/Penning and other equine based events. Through the study of the approaches/philosophies of other great horsemen and horsewomen like Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Chris Cox, Julie Goodnight and Clinton Anderson, Michael is constantly refining his own horsemanship and communication style to improve himself, his horse and his ability to help others. He is the first one to admit when he does not know something and then works hard to learn from those who do. Michael’s belief is that “horsemanship is a journey, not a race” and that journey is never really finished.

If you would like to learn more about Michael please drop a note by clicking here and see about booking a session! You can always EMAIL him at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com anytime or give him a call at 530-919-8767 Monday -Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. Thanks for reading!