Lucky Star Horsemanship offers ClinicsWorkshopsSkill EvaluationsLessons, Guest Speaker Services, Leadership “Camps“, and Equine Event Management. Based out of Hudson Valley region of New York, we are able to serve the region and surrounding states with quality learning opportunities.

Lucky Star Horsemanship offers the equine community and students of the horse the following services.

FULL-DAY CLINICS: The most impactful and cost-effective way to improve and enrich your partnership with your horse! Full-Day Clinics are held for a minimum of three (3) Riders and a maximum of ten (10) participants. Full Day Clinics are usually seven to eight (7-8) hours long, with a one (1) hour lunch break. Lunch is provided. Participants also get a copy of our Cooperative Horsemanship booklet. Base price per participant is $200.00. Clinics are held at a location of your choosing. Please contact us to schedule your clinic.


HALF-DAY CLINICS: Half-Day Clinics are three to four (3-4) hours in length and have a base price of $150.00 per Rider. Half-Day Clinics are held for a minimum of four (4) Riders and a Maximum of twelve (12) Riders. Clinics are held at a location of your choosing. Please contact to schedule your clinic.

MULTI-DAY CLINICS: These Clinics can be a combination of Focuses and are at least two days in length. Lunch is provided each day. Participants also get a copy of our Cooperative Horsemanship Booklet. Multi-Day Clinics are held for a minimum of six (6) Riders and a maximum of twelve (12) Riders. Bases price for a two-day Clinic is $400.00 (covers both days and our accommodations. A small travel fee may apply depending n your location).

AUDITORS: Most of the Clinics offered by Lucky Star Horsemanship will allow Auditors, unless otherwise specified by the Clinic host. Half-Day Clinic Audit Fee is $10.00 and comes with a digital copy of our “Cooperative Horsemanship” Booklet. Full-Day Clinic Audit fee is $25.00 and comes with Lunch plus a digital copy of our “Cooperative Horsemanship” Booklet.


We can sculpt clinics and workshops to match your needs. Here are just a few of the clinic focuses that have been very popular over the last several years.

  • ESTABLISHING CONNECTION-ROUND PEN 101: The GOAL of this clinic is to help the horse and the human establish communication, control and confidence. It all starts in the round pen! Primary focuses will include: Establishing direction. Establishing connection. Establishing communication through clear body language and focused intent. Establishing trust. Establishing consistency and more. Site needs a round pen of at least 40 feet in diameter.
  • BUILDING A FOUNDATION I: Effective Round Pen & Groundwork before we ride, working on Communication, Control and Confidence. (great for younger/ green horses who are started under saddle.)
  • BUILDING A FOUNDATION II: Effective Groundwork (lead line) & Effective Riding Basics to the level/needs of the Riders. We will go outside our current comfort zones to improve connection and refinement while improving performance.
  • INTRODUCTION TO HORSEMANSHIP: Building stronger partnerships and more refined communication through groundwork, riding, body control, “quiet conversations”, C.P.R and patterns.
  • HORSEMANSHIP IMMERSION I: Delving deep into your horsemanship, correcting behavior issues, improving communication, control and confidence.
  • HORSEMANSHIP IMMERSION II: Taking your partnership to new levels, refining skills and communication and improving overall body control and “softness.”
  • INTRODUCTION TO OBSTACLES/OBJECTS: Challenging your partnership with the introduction of obstacles, objects and equine games.
  • TRAINING ON THE TRAIL: Preparation to take your horse on the trail. Once on the trail the Clinic focuses on developing a great “handle”, and enriches the communication, control and confidence between the horse and human.
  • TRAILER LOADING: This session focuses on preparing your horse to load safely in the trailer. Please contact us for details.
  • BUILDING CONFIDENCE CLINIC: This is a Two-Day Clinic focusing on building (or rebuilding) the Confidence between the Horse and the Human. Participants will learn to Understand/ Manage Emotions, Improve Connection through Groundwork, Enriching Control in the Saddle, and Enhancing Confidence through Collaboration. Each day we provide Lunch.
  • CONNECTION SESSIONS: This is a TWO HOUR small group lesson at your facility. Minimum of three (3) Riders (unless other arrangements are made). Groundwork, Riding and more are covered. These sessions are sculpted to fit the needs of the Participants.
  • MULTI-DAY CLINICS: Clinic Focuses can be combined into two (2) and three (3) day Sessions. Several Half-Day Clinics can be combined over two to three (2-3) days as well. Please contact us to discuss details.


All CLINICS and CONNECTION SESSIONS have a minimum number of Participants needed to hold the session, Please see the details given above to find out what the minimum and maximum number of Participants per session is. In the winter months, (December -March) if the Clinic/Connection Session is happening in the Northeastern US, we prefer to have access to an indoor arena. A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to reserve the date of the CLINIC/CONNECTION SESSION. While deposits are not refundable, they do guarantee that you will receive your clinic, even if you have to reschedule (Clinic must happen within 6 months, and no more than two schedule changes, from the original booked date unless other arrangements are made). If Lucky Star Horsemanship needs overnight accommodations or will be traveling more than 3 hours from its “home office” in Red Hook, NY. additional arrangements and fees will be discussed. To reserve your Clinic Date please email us at


Lucky Star Horsemanship can manage your special event, from conceptualization to execution. Whether it is a tack swap meet to a regional horse exposition (check out EQUUS FEST EAST for an example at we can handle your special event needs. Our event management fees are very cost-effective and we provide a variety of services that will ensure your event is successful. To discuss your special event needs please email us at

Lucky Star Horsemanship can also assist you in developing your equine based business. Whether you are a new barn owner or have developed a new product/service that you want to bring to the marketplace, we can help you develop your business with a variety of services that will set you apart from the herd as you set up for real success! Just contact us and let us see how we can help you.

LUCKY STAR HORSEMANSHIP was honored to Present at Equus Fest East which happened on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at the Ulster County Fairgrounds in New Paltz, New York from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. WE WILL BE BACK AGAIN ON SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2022! Please check out the event website at ( for all the details. Be sure to stop by our Booth in the Young Building and say hello! We will be giving away a FREE HALF-DAY CLINIC so be sure to sign up!

LUCKY STAR HORSEMANSHIP was honored to Present at Equine Affaire which happened November 11 -14, 2021 at the Eastern States Expo Center in Springfield, MA. Please check out the event website at for all the details. We hope to be back in 2022!

LUCKY STAR HORSEMANSHIP was honored to at Horse World Expo happening on March 3-6. 2022 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Please check out the website at for all the details. WE WILL BE BACK IN 2023!

LUCKY STAR HORSEMANSHIP will be Presenting at Day On The Green (a benefit event for the Hudson Valley Horse Association) on Saturday, April 23, 2022 in Hopewell Junction, NY. You can enjoy a full day Clinic with us for just $50.00! To reserve your spaces please email us at Space is very limited.

LUCKY STAR HORSEMANSHIP will be Presenting at the Muttontown Equine Festival, hosted by the Muttontown Horseman’s Association at the Muttontown Preserve in Muttontown, NY. on Sunday May 22, 2022. This is a FREE event so do not miss out!