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TIME TO ENJOY THE RIDE…with Training Sessions, Connection Sessions and Horsemanship Experiences!

When the partnership is strong between horse and human there is no limit to what can be achieved. Lucky Star Horsemanship provides FUN, easy-to-use, cost-effective learning opportunities that are geared to help horse and human enjoy the ride and perform at their best. Our lesson programs are done at YOUR facility and are very cost effective. Lessons are a great way for you and your horse to get solid instruction and focused attention to help you and your horse achieve your goals. Contact us today to schedule your Lesson!

  • DELUXE TRAINING SESSION: This is a ONE-ON-ONE 60-70 minute session with you and your horse at your facility. Groundwork and Riding skills will be focused on. Participants also get a copy of our Cooperative Horsemanship booklet. Base price per participant is $100.00. A small travel fee may be applied depending on the location. Sessions are held at a location of your choosing. Please contact us for details.
  • CONNECTION SESSIONS: Connection Sessions are designed to help the Participants enrich the Four C’s of Horsemanship: Connection, Communication, Control and Confidence. These two-hour sessions combine groundwork and riding and are formatted to work with two to four Participants (a MINIMUM of two Participants is needed to book a Connection Session, Certain travel limitations apply). Connection Sessions are held at your location. Base price per participant is $125.00. A small travel fee may be applied depending on the location. Please contact us for details.    


LIMITED TRAINING SPACES AVAILABLE: Lucky Star Horsemanship is currently taking in a LIMITED number of horses for training though our Cooperative Horsemanship Program. In this program the horse will learn Round Pen skills, Collaborative Groundwork, Cooperative Riding and more. Training sessions are three-to four times a week, based on the initial evaluation of the horse. The human will get a weekly lesson with their horse (this is a MUST) and together they will grow their Connection, Communication, Control and Confidence so that they can achieve their goals! Training happens in Clinton Corners, NY. The program is a MINIMUM of 90 days (sorry we do not do “tune ups” or “quick fixes” as we feel that -unless you are addressing one specific issue – those programs are not effective or long lasting) and include full or rough board, access to a huge indoor arena, great turnout pastures, round corral and trails! Training horses and their humans also get a monthly two-hour Connection Session! Please contact us for details and rates!

Lucky Star Horsemanship offers Clinics, Connection Session and Deluxe Training Sessions during the week (when available) and on available weekends. Please contact us for more details and to reserve your session at or give us a call at (518) 303-2504.

HORSEMANSHIP EXPERIENCE: If you are curious about “The Art of Horsemanship” and do not own a horse, then the Horsemanship Experience is for you. Get one-on-one instruction and interaction with a horse as you learn all about the the horse from the hoof up, from basic horse care to riding maneuvers and patterns, This program is a structured five session package that helps the Participant experience what it is like to work with a horse as they develop their skills and understanding. Perfect for those individuals who are considering adding a horse to the family or who may want to volunteer at a local horse rescue. Each session is roughly 90 minutes in length and is held at our home location (currently in Milan, NY). Participants must be at least 12 years of age and have the physical, mental, and emotional ability to focus and be active for at least 90 minutes. Five Session Horsemanship Experience Package is $525.00

HALF-DAY, FULL DAY and MULTI-DAY CLINICS: Our structured Clinics incorporate our Collaborative Groundwork and Cooperative Riding approaches to enrich the Connection, Communication, Control and Confidence shared between the Horse and the Human! The goal of every Clinic, no matter what the focus, is to strengthen the partnership and performance of the Human/Horse Team, no matter what discipline or style of riding they enjoy! All Clinic Participants receive a digital copy of our Exploring Cooperative Horsemanship booklet. Clinic fees range from $150.00 – $400.00 depending on the type and duration of your Clinic.

TEAM TRAINING PROGRAM: The Lucky Star Horsemanship TEAM TRAINING PROGRAM is idea for those Stables, Horse Rescues, Therapeutic Riding Centers, Trail Riding Facilities and other equine focused 0rganizations that rely on Team Members and Volunteers, with varied horse experience, to help keep the facility and program running smoothly. Our TEAM TRAINING PROGRAM covers a variety of topics such as Barn Operations, Safe Horse Handling, Basic Horse Training, Behavior Evaluation, Program Development/Management, Public Relations and more. Our TEAM TRAINING PROGRAM can be sculpted to fit the needs of each team and organization. Sessions can be formatted into one-day, two-day or multi-day experiences. Comes with a digital copy of our Lucky Star Horsemanship Team Training Booklet.

  • SINGLE DAY: Key points include Barn Operations/Safety, Safe Horse Handling, Basic Behavior Evaluation. Public Relations. 2 -12 Participants. $650.00 per day, per group (travel fees applicable). Lunch is included for the group.
  • TWO DAY: Key points include Barn Operations/Safety, Barn Operations/Team Dynamics, Safe Horse Handling, Basic Behavior Evaluation, Public Relations, and a Collaborative Groundwork/Basic Horse Training Clinic. 2 -12 Participants. $1100.00 per two-day experience, per group (travel fees applicable).
  • MULTI DAY: Key points include Barn Operations/Safety, Barn Operations/Team Dynamics, Tack Evaluation/Maintenance, Safe Horse Handling, Basic Behavior Evaluation, Public Relations, Program Management, Marketing, and a Cooperative Horsemanship Clinic. Up to four consecutive days of training. 2 -12 Participants. $1500.00 per multi-day experience, per group (travel fees applicable).

To discuss a TEAM TRAINING PROGRAM for your Organization please contact Lucky Star Horsemanship at (518) 303-2504 or email us at

To reserve your Connection Session, Deluxe Training Session, Horsemanship Experience or Clinic please contact Lucky Star Horsemanship at (513) 303-2504 or email us at

We look forward to riding with you!


The short answer is SAFETY! You can’t work with the horse if you are injured or dead.

The more involved answer is that by using groundwork as a FIRST STEP in your training program/communication development you can help the horse gain confidence in itself and in YOUR LEADERSHIP as you work on your feel and timing. Through the use of focused groundwork exercises you can gain better control of the horse’s body parts and the horse’s mind as you help it get prepared to work more effectively under saddle. Through the use of groundwork the Human can really get to know the Horse and all of its “signals” from how much pressure is needed to how it is feeling on any given day. Groundwork also allows for the safe introduction and training of new skills. It is MUCH easier to “advance and retreat” on the ground than it is under saddle. Safer too.

So, what if your horse is pretty well trained, confident and dialed in? Well, groundwork STILL is a great “pre-flight check” approach to seeing the horse’s mind, body and spirit on a given day as you take time to do a warm up! You can tell A LOT about the kind of ride or session you are going to have as you go through a ground work routine to warm up your horse. Again, this comes back to a “safety first” approach. It is also the responsible thing to do as the custodian of the horse. Just jumping on is both unwise and unfair.

Take the time and DO YOUR GROUNDWORK! You will be glad you invested the time and the focus in doing so because you have prepared yourself and your horse for success!

If you want to develop great ground manners, performance and connection with your horse contact Lucky Star Horsemanship to schedule a Lesson or Clinic and enjoy the partnership with your horse!