Kenna’s First Clinic!

Kenna made her first off-property appearance yesterday (01/16/23) at the January Connection Session and Obstacle Practice lead by Lucky Star Horsemanship and hosted at Lucky Star Stables in Clinton Corners, New York! She loaded and trailered well. She helped with the Collaborative Groundwork and Cooperative Riding aspects of the Connection Session and event explored some of the Obstacles. We could not be more proud of her! Remember that she was a rescue horse with lots of baggage to unpack a little less than 90 days ago. You can see one of the videos Theresa Mottola shot on the Lucky Star Facebook page at

It seems that Ronan now has an understudy in the making! Not sure how he feels about that. But is was AWESOME got the second part of the Clinics where we had a surprise guest!

We were also lucky to have the East Kingdom’s King’s Equestrian Champion (Kiki Cowell) on hand with some great EQ Games! We had several passes at the Rings (a really cool set up),Heads and Quintain! She helped the Clinic Participants and Auditors understand the mechanics f the Games and how to enjoy them safely while Michael tied in the concepts from earlier in the day and how they could help to better enjoy and be successful within the Games structure.

Ronan rocked the Games and was a rock star during the more advanced and challenging Obstacles training.

A really good Sunday!

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